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Adorkable Twilight & Friends – “Unknown Territory″
safe1579167 artist:adorkabletwilightandfriends861 applejack159101 spike74943 twilight sparkle283225 alicorn195948 dragon48352 earth pony200200 pony848437 comic:adorkable twilight and friends744 adorkable3116 adorkable twilight538 automobile39 beater1 book30713 car5458 comic101737 cute178188 damage22 dork3365 driver's manual1 family4024 fence2518 funny3641 grass8199 hatchback2 humor886 magazine895 magazine cover197 nervous5055 relationship79 slice of life1235 studying272 sweat23048 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115443 wrecked10


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Background Pony #9996
Easy all you need to do to that car is.
Gut the engine bay, get rid of the inner fenders, move the firewall back a little, rebuild the front suspension, reinforce the front sub frame, reinforce the floor of the passenger compartment so it don't twist, tub the rear inner fenders a little, replace the rear end with a shorten up 9 inch and finally drop in a 454 with a 700r4 transmission.

See simple.

I dunno, making that lawn ornament look and run like an official royal ride is likely to more costly than a new car, even with Apple Family garage skillz.
Background Pony #A2F3
It is answered right in the comic. She needs the car "for travel" because "by having a car is shows I am more like every pony else." So a lot of it is the visual aspect.

But also this series has shown that character don't use magic beyond picking things up once in awhile. Teleportation has never been shown. They've used trains, cars, etc. :)
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Bespectacled Birbcat
You might think that Twilight doesn't need a car because she can fly and teleport, but that brings into question how fast she can fly and how many times / how long of a distance she can teleport. If she has to travel a lot, she might not make it under her own power, or she would suffer actual wear-and-tear injuries after doing this enough, or at least be so exhausted and sweaty upon arrival that it makes her look undignified. "Why didn't you just take a car? What are you, a peasant?"

Also, given her sedentary lifestyle, she may just not be physically fit enough to do that.

A car would save a whole lot of energy and probably also her reputation. Smart move, Twiggle.