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Nell: "And where do you think you're going?"

Tristan: "Ah! Nell… it's morning, I need to report in at the station."

Nell: "No you don't…"

Tristan: "I can't just not turn up…"

Nell: "Sure you can. Let's just stay in bed. C'mere, pretty bun!"

Tristan: "I'm an Enforcement Officer, I have important things to do — training the new recruit, section patrols, looking out for raiders."

Nell: "Blah blah blah. Less talking, more snuggling!"

Tristan: "Wha- Nell, come on! Wait! Stop! Nooooo"

Tristan was very late getting to work that day.
suggestive (120220) artist:ponyecho (201) oc (567306) oc:nell clearfield (87) oc:tristan almofi (5) anthro (214130) earth pony (172997) rabbit (3865) animal (2733) bed (33634) bedroom eyes (47642) breasts (220513) bunny ears (2923) clothes (382268) couple (4260) flirting (1240) futa (39362) hug (23950) hug from behind (368) intersex (36849) male (282204) partial nudity (14628) pillow (14123) surprised (7393) sweat (21193) sweatdrop (2052) topless (10110) underwear (52431)


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