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Just some family bonding
Solstice prodded his son’s nose, the tiny foal letting out a snore. “Sleepy little guy, I bet he takes after you when it comes to snuggles.” He pushed his glasses back with his magic, a small laugh slipping out his mouth.  
“Oh stop, let him sleep love”
Description written by Knick Knack
safe1945718 artist:brainiac2548 derpibooru exclusive33795 luster dawn1921 oc822993 oc:morning sun7 oc:solstice dream43 hybrid25493 kirin12130 pony1295449 unicorn433665 bedroom eyes71132 canon x oc30012 collar40612 cute231864 family5044 female1579070 foal27658 interspecies27082 interspecies offspring9096 kirin hybrid143 kirin oc2516 lidded eyes38092 lusterbetes152 male450478 mare603797 offspring46044 parent:luster dawn46 parent:oc:solstice dream4 parents:canon x oc2093 parents:solster2 pet play4583 shipping227173 solster29 straight157201


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Latex Lover
Hehe. I can just imagine Solstice booping young Morning’s nose and twitching it adorably while sleeping. And then taking a picture of him doing so to add in the baby book!