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@Background Pony #1F7E
The maker here created a full sombra cosplay that I bought and it was about 1600 USD. Expensive but if you save over time it is possible the get a cosplay from her I’d imagine
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Yeah, that sounds about right. I did look up information on it some number of years ago, and remember the numbers being around what you mentioned, but I've not checked recently at all. And I'm not crafty in the slightest, so I know anything I did would have to take that into account.

Oh well. Such is life.
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@Background Pony #1F7E
from what i can remember from a conversation i read a few years back depending on the quality and detailing of a full fursuit it can cost you anywhere from a couple hundred to several thousand dollars. i think i read some where that some guy had one made for him that cost him nearly 10k. but keep in mind the stuff i mentioned previously is in regards to custom ordered fursuits. I would have to imagine that materials cost and making it yourself would definitely be cheaper of the two options.

In regards to that chrysalis head i would have to guess it probably cost somewhere around $400 in materials cost, don't remember the costs of Faux fur, but i do know that the higher the quality, the higher the price.
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I'm honestly curious how much one of these costs to make. I've always kind of thought it would be fun to wear one, but I also like being able to afford such luxuries as heat and running water and food.