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Some random OC I lazily slapped together in an hour or so. Forgot to add the earbuds, maybe she only wears one in her left ear. Also forgot a sleeve, maybe it's rolled up for some reason. Names are intentional.
safe1635962 artist:elementbases313 artist:wiimeiser128 oc640790 oc:aster32 oc:zinnia10 pegasus264526 amputee4454 base used17494 boxers605 chest fluff35274 clothes434132 colored wings5372 conceptual10 drone378 female1302085 filly62691 freckles26722 heterochromia4938 hoodie13051 pigtails4497 pipbuck3379 prosthetic leg787 prosthetic limb2779 prosthetics3214 scrunchie328 shorts13072 sports bra2780 teenager4417 text54849 twintails1602 underwear57960 wings92245


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