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edit Custom daki commission for flux! w e w. what a girl <3 can't say I've ever loved sun horse this much like dang <3 just wanna curl up with her and read a book
safe (1504845) artist:beardie (619) princess celestia (86863) alicorn (179932) pony (781743) blushing (165031) body pillow (3157) body pillow design (1887) chest fluff (29037) cute (163590) cutelestia (2915) ear rub (1) eyes closed (73935) female (829007) frog (hoof) (8810) hand (7297) happy (25762) magic (61636) magic hands (615) mare (376705) petting (1571) solo (926995) underhoof (44134)


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Background Pony #3B0F
I wish those were my hands, rubbing that beautiful mare all over <3
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