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This boi @Dilarus drew a tol Scoots and I absolutely fucking love her and I couldn’t resist~ 🦄🧡🐣

#mlp #digitalart #brony
safe (1503898) artist:partylikeanartist (266) scootaloo (47994) pegasus (213693) pony (780888) anatomy (385) anatomy guide (43) cute (163473) cutealoo (2331) eye clipping through hair (3522) female (828162) filly (55493) heart (40559) high res (18997) older (21031) older scootaloo (1439) open mouth (113228) simple background (316958) solo (926433) starry eyes (2598) stars (12400) text (45021) tol (12) vulgar description (96) white background (79236) wingding eyes (17627)


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Background Pony #F0CC
Scoots is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy because he gave us such an adorable pone
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