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>>2248913 in gif form to better simulate the booping experience
safe1636188 artist:buttersprinkle313 moondancer4650 rainbow dash226239 twilight sparkle291290 alicorn210297 pegasus264593 pony901285 unicorn293709 adorkable3402 animated95158 boop7044 chest fluff35288 clothes434250 cute189157 dancerbetes373 dashabetes8627 dork3657 female1302245 floppy ears48635 gif29304 glasses58090 hand8253 hooves together395 mare448220 nerd884 offscreen character31862 offscreen human219 rainbow dash is not amused523 sitting58837 text54870 twiabetes11079 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119753 unamused14970


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Background Pony #194D
One of these things is not like the others, one of these things is dash.

I've seen one animation, CGI, where Twilight Sparkle was depicted being booped, and not welcoming it as much. I watched the complete version on YouTube. My guess is she's grown to appreciate it now.

On the subject of Rainbow Dash, I'm guessing she didn't expect to be in a line for booping nerds. I wonder what she thought the line was for.

Moondancer's evidently looking forward to her experience.