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safe (1505027) artist:tjpones (2899) applejack (153892) rainbow dash (211977) earth pony (173896) pegasus (214272) pony (781921) appledash (5099) bipedal (28738) chest fluff (29051) cute (163629) female (829437) kiss mark (860) kissing (21353) lesbian (87612) lipstick (8837) mare (376959) shipping (174909) spongebob squarepants (2482) the quickster (6)


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11 comments posted
Background Pony #C82D
There’s a lot of appledash fan arts these days…
It fills my heart with joy <3
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Background Pony #4CC9
Yes. Does anything in the image suggest that it should be rated "suggestive"? Not in so far as I can tell.
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Background Pony #4CC9
Yes, but this time on the lips, and make it last for at least one full second.
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