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suggestive (120173) artist:tjpones (2893) fluttershy (191287) rainbow dash (211655) pegasus (212951) pony (779274) blushing (164690) female (826371) flutterblitz (76) flutterdash (4137) half r63 shipping (1554) implied sex (4862) male (282051) mare (375124) open mouth (112956) rainbow blitz (2119) reference (3438) rule 63 (24038) shipping (174482) spongebob squarepants (2476) stallion (82754) straight (115418)


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11 comments posted
Background Pony #46A9
We don't know how it got there,
But your FLUTTERSHY had it!
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Background Pony #C861
"She had a snake for a pet
And an am-u-let
And she was breeding a DWARF!
But she wasn't done yet…"
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Background Pony #F51B
Oh. I was unaware of this usage.

I'm the one in the wrong here, then. Sorry for the confusion.
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@Background Pony #F51B
The object of the verb "breed" can also refer to a creature the subject is going to impregnate, whether that be using themself or another intermediary animal as the stud.

The Merriam-Webster definition for the transitive verb version of Breed includes:

Definition 5-b: to mate with, inseminate

Other prominent dictionaries also include this usage of it.
Background Pony #F51B
The object of the verb "breed" is either the type of animal you keep a multiple of for reproduction purposes (i.e. "breeding ponies") or, for the animals themselves, the offspring they produce (i.e. "breeding a foal"). Since Fluttershy is singular and was already conceived and born, I'm inclined to believe Rainbow meant "breed with Fluttershy".