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Equestria at War!

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I recently saw a comic book with an alternative Universe of MLP. And I really liked the images of Chrysalis and Trixie. I thought it would be interesting to draw.
safe1635941 artist:zazush-una134 idw14774 queen chrysalis33621 trixie64854 alicorn210266 changeling43899 changeling queen14380 pony901070 unicorn293617 reflections164 spoiler:comic10371 alicornified5062 crown15417 dialogue61821 eye contact6286 female1302076 glasses58078 grass8862 grin35439 hoof shoes4716 jewelry56882 lidded eyes28793 looking at each other18239 mare448122 mirror universe454 open mouth132848 peytral3135 princess2128 princess of humility27 race swap13579 regalia18050 reversalis235 size difference13162 smiling229401 sparkles4094 sunset4971 text54848 trixiecorn441


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