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Adorkable Twilight & Friends – “All Forgiven″
safe1574959 artist:adorkabletwilightandfriends856 moondancer4415 spike74823 starlight glimmer43847 twilight sparkle282632 oc604597 oc:pinenut32 alicorn195193 cat5323 dragon48132 pony845300 unicorn265940 comic:adorkable twilight and friends739 adorkable3104 adorkable twilight534 baking621 bowl1454 burger1594 comic101421 cooking1012 cute177242 dork3352 fast food253 flour269 food60784 hay burger535 humor882 kitten315 slice of life1235 tweaked1 twilight burgkle466 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115168 upset1105


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13 comments posted

it seems that they forget that applejack and the others are her closest friends, it would not be surprising that she asked them first one of them in any case