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Applejack and Rarity share a kiss.


This video is an attempt to recreate 3D animation created by certedia and woozysfm and commissioned by Raritybro.

I make plushies. Rarity and Applejack are for sale, $700 each.
safe (1503163) artist:ponimalion (42) applejack (153743) rarity (163717) earth pony (173112) pony (780225) unicorn (234185) animated (88235) bed (33652) cute (163281) eyes closed (73818) female (827493) irl (61274) kissing (21315) lesbian (87469) looking at each other (14402) mare (375801) no sound (2796) on back (21200) photo (68914) rarijack (6348) sensual (123) shipping (174626) smiling (197757) webm (8560)


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7 comments posted
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Plushy love story. I knew I saw something like this before. Makes me wish I had the money to buy them both <3
Still a better love story then Twilight.
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I recognized what this was inspired by as soon as Rare was slammed onto her back.

Man, these things are so friggin adorable. If I had the money to buy them, I would in a nanosecond.