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Commission for BorfoBorf. The best ending, if you can beat the wedding in less then 10 minutes :P
suggestive165420 artist:longtailshort697 princess cadance35772 queen chrysalis38061 shining armor25248 alicorn261166 changeling55619 changeling queen20190 unicorn412269 anthro300603 a canterlot wedding3228 a better ending for chrysalis133 ass63368 bisexual6064 bra18379 breasts324737 bridal lingerie101 bride402 bugbutt1812 busty princess cadance3693 busty queen chrysalis4327 butt149397 chrysarmordance230 clothes534214 female1538739 frilly underwear4642 hand in pants23 implied tail hole861 kissing27712 lingerie11890 lovebutt1487 lucky bastard1785 male435898 ot3447 panties55586 polyamory7329 reasonably sized breasts1828 shining armor gets all the mares297 shining chrysalis527 shiningcadance3007 shipping222766 skimpy outfit606 socks77640 straight153639 stupid sexy chrysalis917 stupid sexy princess cadance441 thigh highs45387 thong6766 tongue out122010 underwear68078 white underwear3666


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