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I put all of Scorpan's other forms along with Twilight, Flurry, Spike, and Tirek in his 4th form next to him to show just how big he's gotten here. Yup, that big. And yes, that's Tirek in his weak form standing in one of his hands.
safe (1520353) artist:aleximusprime (1284) lord tirek (4487) princess flurry heart (5967) scorpan (268) spike (72375) twilight sparkle (275924) alicorn (183452) centaur (2336) dragon (44918) gargoyle (191) kaiju (1369) flurry heart's story (69) bat wings (3751) big (94) final form (46) full powered (1) huge (200) scale (204) simple background (324275) size comparison (639) size difference (11834) titan (96) transparent background (168930) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (110793) winged spike (6619) wings (66029)


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