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Equestria At War

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safe1552059 alternate version32302 artist:scarlet-spectrum948 oc591927 oc only403374 oc:stormdancer82 bat pony42234 pony824181 bandana4519 bat pony oc13630 bat wings5058 chest fluff31383 clothes399569 colored pupils8375 cute173101 fangs21476 floppy ears45781 looking at you140040 male298140 patreon11941 patreon reward1106 raised hoof37776 simple background336541 smiling209058 socks55557 solo957625 transparent background175535 two toned mane840 wing ring24 wings71444


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Background Pony #65D8
This is really cute, the bandanna on his neck really completes this. Thanks for drawing this.