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safe (1522210) edit (110539) edited screencap (51420) screencap (189847) auburn vision (201) berry blend (345) berry bliss (345) bifröst (96) citrine spark (301) citrus bit (20) dawnlighter (57) fire quacker (301) gooseberry (43) huckleberry (287) lemon crumble (49) night view (68) november rain (481) ocellus (4204) peppermint goldylinks (346) smolder (6025) starlight glimmer (41325) strawberry scoop (184) summer breeze (177) water spout (15) yona (4191) earth pony (179245) pegasus (221142) unicorn (242722) fake it 'til you make it (945) school raze (2116) colt (12766) cropped (41332) female (846310) filly (56619) friendship student (1310) group (2694) headcanon (2011) hyper sonic (47) male (288120) mare (386868) offscreen character (27538) school of friendship (1022) stallion (86064) text (46251) text edit (1036)


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Pulse Wave
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Busy procrastinating
Yep, the actual Background Student Six should be them:

That is, I'm still looking for a name for this sextet (I've read "Backup Six" somewhere). They keep showing up again and again, even when few or no other background ponies are in the same scene.

Not to mention all six are in the pic up there as well.

Their Elements of Harmony could be:
Auburn Vision: honesty
Huckleberry: laughter
November Rain: generosity
Berry Blend: loyalty
Peppermint Goldylinks: kindness
Citrine Spark: magic