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Original description from DA artist:

These are the top 10 best MLP Couples in my opinion. The first five are the most while the second five are my least favorite shippings. Here they are from the most favorite to the least favorite:

1st: Big Macintosh and Sugar Belle
2nd: Princess Cadence and Shining Armor
3rd: Clear Sky and Quibble Pants
4th: Golden Harvest and Meadow Song
5th: Cotton Sky and Starry Sky
6th: Caramel and Shoeshine
7th: Cherry Fizzy
8th: Amethyst Star and Royal Riff
9th: Noteworthy and Rainbow Stars
10th: Maud Pie and Mudbriar

To those of you who are wondering why Maud Pie and Mudbriar are my least favorite couple/shipping (in other words, worst shipping of them all) is because Mudbriar is selfish and jealous.
safe1575263 artist:jaredking20364 edit117646 edited screencap56062 screencap199200 amethyst star2286 big macintosh26870 blues911 caramel2354 carrot top5147 cherry cola406 cherry fizzy468 clear sky372 cotton sky62 daisy2217 flower wishes2083 golden harvest5147 linky1336 maud pie11858 meadow song472 mercury238 mudbriar718 noteworthy912 princess cadance30449 quibble pants1435 rainbow stars193 royal riff304 shining armor21769 shoeshine1454 sparkler2137 starry eyes (character)236 sugar belle2651 alicorn195250 earth pony198904 pegasus239509 pony845541 unicorn266059 background pony9191 couple4605 female899055 male305402 mare415336 maudbriar224 meadowtop3 quibblesky31 royalstar5 shiningcadance2402 shipping184000 stallion92642 starworthy2 straight121659 sugarmac673 text51067


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2 comments posted
Background Pony #E0E4
when was mudbriar ever selfish or jealous?

think maybe you have him confused for pinkie pie in his intro ep.

le grand rêveur
its due be hard to make a ranking.
official couples are so rare and too often demolished by fans fiction.

there’s just the daisy cherry couple, I have a doubt.