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Seriously, was Chrysalis mocking him or is she seriously that dumb to not know the difference between a centaur and a minotaur? Or did the writers have a brain fart?
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Background Pony #79CF
More like Chrysalis doesn't give two hoots in hell whether she insults someone or not.
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Gor is Gor, Centigor is Centigor. Dragon Ogre is Dragon ogre And I don´t going to clash with you on a "true fan" fight. Take the win. I could not Play the game for years since the local game shop closed down.

(Centigor are not only horse gor hybrid but also ox gor hybrids so there is that.)
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Background Pony #B637
I know Chrysails never fought Twilight in a proper fight before but she should worry, Twilight is the real reason why Chrysails failed in season 2 & 6, because she brought Cadance back in time to help and redeemed Starlight to help
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Background Pony #734C
Ironic coming from the most cowardly villain who relied on her subjects to save her ass
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Only lends credence to my theory that the final season was quite rushed and chopped up. Which lead to a pretty slapdash 2 parter with many oddities (Pillars for one being Worfed to the 11th degree).

That line confused the hell out of me when I heard it. I'm guessing the show staff briefly forgot what species Tirek was and nobody proof-read the script.