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The Importance Of Tradition To The Earth Pony Bridegroom

My wife is considerably taller and heavier than me, and stacked like a brick warehouse; which, combined with her wedding dress being so sheer it was almost frictionless, meant that carrying her up the stairs and over the threshold was very nearly the end of us both.
safe (1522843) artist:texasuberalles (408) sandbar (4350) yona (4192) earth pony (179460) pony (797424) yak (3563) braid (4534) clothes (387663) cloven hooves (8311) colored hooves (4065) dress (37653) female (847007) hat (72200) horn (36039) horn jewelry (475) jewelry (46046) male (288415) older (21550) older sandbar (63) shipping (176928) smiling (202386) stallion (86194) straight (117313) sweat (21652) this will end in broken back (1) this will end with broken spine (1) tuxedo (1191) vein bulge (2138) wedding dress (1480) yaks riding ponies (1) yonabar (210)


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