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[From October 2018.]

Another gift I made for Gabriela! This one was for her birthday… She likes this ship from My Little Pony a lot so I drew these two boys cuddling together. I had never drawn a pony before so it was a bit difficult to do… But I think it came out fine. I was very glad she liked it!
safe (1520368) artist:cutestlesbian (1) gallus (5341) sandbar (4342) earth pony (180279) griffon (23637) pony (796877) blushing (167298) cuddling (7527) eyes closed (75414) flying (32669) gallbar (404) gay (24296) heart (41191) hug (24313) male (288686) shipping (177059) simple background (324278) smiling (201847) spanish (4030) stallion (85856) text (46100) uwu (76) white background (81219)


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