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Ah yes, the three things he does the most in my game.

So I'm gonna use this to shill myself a bit, first off, I love The Sims, especially 4, I even make things for it! But, my laptop for it sucks too much to really play it anymore. It's always been slow and laggy, but it's just gotten so much worse now and It's nearly unplayable now. I've been trying to just power through it, but it's just too weak to really play anymore, and it sucks.

So, now I'm saving up money for a new gaming laptop*, and I'd love to do some commissions to help raise up that money, I also take Paypal and Kofi donations. Reference sheets are what i really wanna make!

So even it would be super nice if I could work up towards that soon. It's not mandatory to my life, of course, it's just a game, but it's a game that's very special to me and that I do a lot with so it would benefit me a lot to be able to actually play it without much issue.

Beyond that, I just thought this was a fun vector.

*Yes I know a desktop is better but portability is mandatory to me.
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