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safe2153066 artist:mirabuncupcakes15177 twilight sparkle354503 human240570 g42006135 it's about time951 alternate hairstyle37189 bandage7532 bodysuit3636 book42937 clothes625100 cute263028 dark skin8507 duality5346 female1779740 future twilight1200 golden oaks library6560 horn178416 horned humanization7988 humanized118069 mary janes1283 open mouth232760 plaid skirt842 pointing5656 scar16216 scene interpretation10800 self paradox3859 shirt39475 shoes58255 skirt54571 socks93836 torn clothes6821 vest5785


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Artist -

I do like the artstyle, and it would be quite interesting to see a full episode like this.
I don’t think future Twilight is wearing a bra. Even if you got no breasts, you can still wear a training bra.