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safe1552375 artist:artgurusauce3 amethyst star2242 apple bloom46136 apple dumpling82 applejack157042 aunt holiday231 aunt orange346 auntie lofty215 babs seed5616 banner mares74 big macintosh26625 bow hothoof883 braeburn6081 bright mac1108 burnt oak103 button mash3743 cheerilee9273 cheese sandwich3569 cherry berry1826 cherry jubilee1004 chief thunderhooves255 cloudy quartz1192 coloratura2649 comet tail826 cookie crumbles892 crackle pop199 crescendo74 derpy hooves47887 doctor whooves9972 dragon lord torch295 firelight335 first base243 flam2002 flash sentry11916 flim2126 fluttershy195524 gabby2121 gentle breeze282 gloriosa daisy1757 half baked apple142 hondo flanks466 igneous rock pie808 iron will1291 jasmine leaf161 jeff letrotski179 king sombra12508 limestone pie4660 little strongheart727 lucky clover501 marble pie6035 maud pie11766 moondancer4299 mosely orange136 night light1940 peach fuzz223 peachy pie106 pear butter2344 pharynx853 pinkie pie201143 pipsqueak2691 posey shy990 prince rutherford674 princess cadance30064 princess celestia88902 princess ember5656 princess flurry heart6124 princess luna92998 princess skyla425 quarterback184 queen chrysalis31855 rainbow dash216921 rarity167694 scootaloo48776 shining armor21520 snails5119 sparkler2092 spike74000 starlight glimmer42809 stellar flare960 sunburst5662 sunflower (character)61 sunset shimmer55962 sunshower147 sunshower raindrops2193 sunspot (character)40 surprise2882 sweet biscuit353 sweetie belle46231 thorax3941 timber spruce1836 time turner9957 tree hugger2632 trixie60959 twilight sparkle278986 twilight velvet3744 uncle orange285 windy whistles1804 zephyr breeze2060 oc592087 oc:akanado1 oc:alexandrite13 oc:anonprincess sekhmet1 oc:apple custard3 oc:autumn cherry2 oc:banana bread2 oc:belladonna11 oc:bertrude1 oc:bill letrotsky1 oc:birch oak1 oc:blueberry twist3 oc:butter pecan6 oc:butterball7 oc:candy stone1 oc:citrus14 oc:cocoa puff2 oc:coffee bean78 oc:cotton pie1 oc:coxa11 oc:cream heart2008 oc:dawn glint1 oc:diamond letrotski1 oc:dusk flicker1 oc:estekea1 oc:evening twinkle3 oc:fausticorn1477 oc:flora may1 oc:freesia bramble1 oc:fudge pie1 oc:geronimo2 oc:gibby1 oc:gracadia letrotski1 oc:grape pie1 oc:green bean25 oc:gwendlion1 oc:hot chocolate6 oc:huckle berry1 oc:jasper44 oc:lemon lime9 oc:lilith willow1 oc:loco nut1 oc:lunar iris1 oc:malachite33 oc:moondust32 oc:orange peel3 oc:peridot12 oc:poppy prism1 oc:prince artemis6 oc:prince eclipse12 oc:prince yodel1 oc:princess bellatrix1 oc:princess larvae2 oc:princess shooting star2 oc:prismatic paste1 oc:rapid bolt1 oc:sakura61 oc:sir shastacan1 oc:smokey quartz13 oc:snowflake85 oc:sour cherry3 oc:sour plum1 oc:sour prune1 oc:spectrum blaze7 oc:spicy herb1 oc:submarine sandwich1 oc:sugar pie11 oc:summer solstice50 oc:sunlit rose1 oc:svadisthana1 oc:termen1 oc:thumbelina1 oc:yellow clover1 alicorn190414 changepony832 hippogriff8085 hybrid14687 apple family member2489 bisony24 braeheart127 brightbutter704 burntleaf2 canon x oc21529 celestibra288 cheerimac779 cheesepie1142 cherryflam3 cometlight296 crescendowill1 dinkysnails1 doctorderpy1393 dragon lord ember959 emberspike516 family3942 family tree296 female876914 firstfuzz1 flashlight2543 flimtura1 flutterhugger157 gabseed8 good king sombra488 halo1426 infidelity5215 interspecies offspring6172 lesbian90773 limejack2 lunarynx23 magical lesbian spawn10266 male298299 mane seven5833 mane six28855 marbledancer1 mauxie451 offspring33383 parent:apple bloom610 parent:applejack3180 parent:babs seed104 parent:big macintosh2545 parent:braeburn298 parent:burnt oak27 parent:button mash268 parent:cheerilee360 parent:cheese sandwich1579 parent:cherry jubilee88 parent:coloratura348 parent:comet tail160 parent:crescendo1 parent:dinky hooves22 parent:first base3 parent:flash sentry2478 parent:flim214 parent:fluttershy3915 parent:gabby70 parent:good king sombra103 parent:iron will66 parent:jasmine leaf9 parent:jeff letrotski2 parent:king sombra1016 parent:limestone pie442 parent:little strongheart65 parent:lucky clover4 parent:marble pie327 parent:moondancer299 parent:oc:dusk flicker1 parent:oc:sir shastacan1 parent:peach fuzz3 parent:pharynx131 parent:pinkie pie3505 parent:pipsqueak232 parent:prince rutherford64 parent:princess cadance1374 parent:princess celestia1815 parent:princess ember291 parent:princess luna1879 parent:quarterback4 parent:rainbow dash4859 parent:rarity3450 parent:scootaloo711 parent:snails190 parent:spike1948 parent:starlight glimmer1105 parent:sunburst847 parent:sunset shimmer1323 parent:sunshower raindrops1 parent:sweet biscuit10 parent:sweetie belle518 parent:thorax476 parent:timber spruce62 parent:tree hugger290 parent:twilight sparkle7085 parent:zephyr breeze610 parents:braeheart27 parents:burntleaf5 parents:canon x oc1777 parents:celestibra156 parents:cheerimac260 parents:cheesepie1362 parents:cherryflam4 parents:cometlight127 parents:crescendowill1 parents:dinkysnails1 parents:emberspike87 parents:flashlight2135 parents:flimtura1 parents:flutterhugger71 parents:fristfuzz1 parents:gabseed2 parents:limejack6 parents:lunarynx39 parents:marbledaner1 parents:mauxie71 parents:pinkieford25 parents:pipbloom107 parents:raritrotski1 parents:scootarax1 parents:somdance16 parents:starburst397 parents:sweetiemash241 parents:timbershimmer3 parents:zephdash94 parents:zephyrhugger83 pinkieford26 pipbloom46 raritrotski2 sand arrow1 scootarax1 score235 shiningcadance2358 shipping180842 somdance93 starburst983 straight119925 sweetiemash575 timbershimmer18 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113548 wall of tags2229 windyhoof281 zephdash226


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@Red Cedar
Okay I just have to say it, at least on two points your definitely misunderstanding the chart. Blue lines aren't flings, they mean one character adopted the other. Derpy adopted Amythest, Fluttershy adopted treehuggers kid.
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I started tagging the ship names, but then I started to scream, so I stopped.

If someone wants to tag them, here's a tip: copy-paste the full-res image into an image editor, then cross out each ship you add with a highly-visible color (like red). That way you can keep track of what you've tagged already.

I didn't even try to tag out all the OCs. There's too many of them and I don't even know their names. There's a list of them on the DA page. Feel free to copy-paste them from there.
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Friendship, Art, and Magic (2018) - Celebrated Derpibooru's six year anniversary with friends.
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So, Scootaloo marries a changeling, Sunburst is also Sunset Shimmer's sibling, Applejack married Limestone Pie, Derpy also hooked up with one of Twilight's later children and Fluttershy apparently has a fling with her own niece.