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safe1726151 artist:anontheanon331 artist:witchtaunter476 edit134115 bon bon16546 lyra heartstrings29844 sweetie drops16545 earth pony256233 unicorn331943 applejack's plantation37 bon bon is not amused1055 faic12415 female1380532 l.u.l.s.205 lesbian98045 lyrabon3381 mare490495 married couples doing married things274 schadenfreude46 shipping202721 unamused16473 vulgar20932


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Gacha Pones

Gacha Pones
Lyra: "Ahh the farm life. So peaceful, so pure-" Bon Bon: "Lyra... LYRA!... *Fucking help me unload GROCERIES!!!*" Lyra: "Ahh my lovely wife. So majestic, so proper, so-…"
Bon Bon: "Ugh…" facehoof
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