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Sequel to

I don't know all the zebra OC names so I'm not good at tagging this
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Pants will be banned
It was not meant to be taken seriously. Although, Fluttershy was rather surprised that Zecora didn't rhyme because she was sick and not because she flubbed up.
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aka Summersong

Um wow like, don't stereotype gosh.

I like the idea that every other zebra is totally "normal" from the ponish perspective and they dislike Zecora the way Asian people disliked William Hung.
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It depends really, If you are really thirsty, go for the watermelon, if you want something really sweet, go for the mangoes!, and if you only want a healthy snack go for the apple!

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Emu War veteran..
@Lil Miss Jay
Dawwww this is so cwoot!!

I love this piece, everything had a happy ending. Hopefully Zecora and her herd can take go get a nice meal or use the bits for something they want. Plus that wittle one still eatin da apple still cwoot!

I wanna help that stallion out with those bags of money on his back an give him a hug and snu snu! X3
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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The whole thing with the original pic is just crazy. While I won't go after anyone involved with it I still feel like i definitely see them in a new light. Glad to see this pic to let things settle down a bit and maybe get some good. Ty Jay