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Recently got involved with an art pack just as it was getting going, then this^

Replace milf with artist and you will see why I left.

Special thanks to anyone who reads my stuff.

Extra special thanks to Saurian. I couldn't have gotten this one out so fast without you to motivate me.

suggestive135152 artist:doodledandy71 aunt holiday267 auntie lofty246 cloudy quartz1294 cup cake3955 derpy hooves49048 posey shy1164 princess cadance31503 spoiled rich1062 windy whistles2006 alicorn210906 earth pony223776 pegasus265648 pony904133 animated95258 clipboard1153 comic104650 dialogue61995 door3806 drama3147 female1304311 gif29355 glasses58236 laser pointer148 mare449283 milf8964 mouth hold16324 open mouth133283 reaction587 sad23453 sitting58978 speech bubble21682 teary eyes3707


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I get that, but still.
Also, anyone who tries to pay people in "exopsure" should try to live for a month paying for everything in exposure, and how little that works out for anyone.
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@Background Pony #A75E

it's a joke about an "art pack" project, who called for a lot of artists to contribute to them, so they could sell the pack for $$$, and then said only the horse famous artists get paid.

the other artists get paid in "exposure."
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Why are Tia, Luna, Lofty, Holiday and Cheerilee listed? They're all attractive mares for sure, but I don't think any of them are mothers, meaning that they can't be MILFs.
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At least Mane Allgood is a better and gorgeous Milf then you Spoiled Bitch (someone please put the Spoiled Bitch tag on).
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Doodle I would please ask you to accept my friendship invite… I know you have every right to be mad, to be sincere I was mad about the decision making too, I just wish to personally apologize and talk to you in person… You don't need to accept it and even if you do and feel mad still, you may remove or block me, but I just wished to talk to you

I am so very sorry you feel this way, this was not at all my intention when creating the pack
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I have a few ideas on who may have been the troublesome team lead, don't wanna make any accusations though.

fucking exposure is and always has been a stupid shitty thing to abuse people who don't know any better, shame on whoever decided that.
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@Background Pony #7583
It's a new pack that's planned to come out in May.
And yes, it's about the artists

Yup. The "exposure" shit was a bad call by one of the leads. In the pack, there was 4 leaders, and one of them decided on doing this without the okay from the others. According to the one leader who did this, the original plan was to remove those who didn't make the cut from the pack entirely.
Unsurprisingly, the person who made that decision left.

Even though the "who is and isn't getting in the pack" was announced, it has not been acted on. No artist has been removed due to this, although some left due to the damage, and I don't blame them.

The remaining three leaders are still trying to pick up the pieces from the left over damage.
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I've listened to enough Reddit story videos about entitled phoques trying to "pay" hard workers with exposure to completely understand & agree so much with this.

if you're that much of a cheapskate, then you aren't even worth anyone's time.

that said, you can certainly pay & give the worker some exposure (if they so wish) but exposure alone will not do.
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I agree with the message here. "Exposure" is not something that should be expected as a payment method. payment is a payment method, ESPECIALLY if the work is being sold for money that others participating get.

i have a few ideas of who would set this up, but i'm biased against a few different artists that are…lets call them… greedy expletives? people that believe they are more important than others and can do this to people.

Your art has worth, your time has worth. if others expect you to work for free and that the idea of working with them is such an absolute honor that you don't deserve being paid then walk away. i've done it. i appreciate you doing the same.

don't give them the platform to use you.
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'Exposure' is a fucking joke. Leaving is definitely the correct response.
Also, your art is some of the best shit around. Dynamic and expressive doodles are a lot more compelling than static, same-faced paintings no matter how detailed they are.
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EDIT: Oh, just read the description. Wasn't sure if it was directly in relation to artists or not, but that makes sense now.
EDIT 2: Out of curiosity, what pack was this? I don't remember any packs saying/doing something like this.