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今日#雨水#标志着一年的降雨开始、雨量渐增。🌧️春雨贵如油,希望有雨水的浇灌,小马利亚今年又能够大丰收!提到雨水,小马迷们,你们知道哪些关于“雨”的成语或者谚语呢?[挤眼] ​​​​
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Dr. Traits
Artist -

At first glance, I thought this was a ponified version of the Rain Man Hanafuda playing card. The "Rain Mare", so to speak.
But, judging by the description, I guess that's just a coincidence.

Here's a touched up machine translation of what's written above:
Today # 雨水 # marks the beginning of a year of rainfall and the amount of rainfall is gradually increasing. 🌧️
Spring rain is as expensive as oil; I hope there will be lots of rain so Little Mary will have a good harvest this year!

When it comes to rain, pony fans, what idioms or proverbs do you know about "rain"? [Eye squeeze]
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