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Hey everyone!

Since it's Month of Lurve (or Love in general xD) I decided to go for another SpitDash drawing for this month, showing them in a rather private, intimate moment~

I somehow felt like creating something that would pull the viewer right ito the happening, whether it 'd being the temperature, look and feel, the happening or lightning and scenery. Yes, I wanted to create something, that has some sort of effect on you, immediately putting everything in the lighting and details that could represent/resemble heat, warmth, intimicy. Therefore I chose to draw something affectionate, that also has something romantic on it. Spitfire and Rainbow dash as two very passionate characters share such a moment just between them two…alone… and they enjoy it in every single way. they FEEL the love for each other, their hearts are beating fast just like after a race or the Sonic Rainboom, they can feel each other. What they did before this image is up to your imagination.

My intention was it to make the characters look appealing, sexy in some sort of way if you take a closer look on their eyes, their faces, expressions… I truly intended Spitfire to be the exe catcher here and I think for myself I managed quite well. You can look at her and say "Yes, she truly loves Rainbow Dash".

Already in the early beginning, I figured warm tones, some areas of blushing here and there and also some highlights that make the atmosphere kind of fresh would be a good thing to go for with this piece, later adding slight blurriness around the ponies to bring the focus to their heads instead of what's going on around them. And I wanted to show their shared warmth with a bit of haze (if that's the correct term to go for). I think it just adds to the scenery.

What do you think about it? I'm really looking forward to your feedback on this piece :D

Hope you like these two love birds ;)

Also: My 2nd entry for :iconestories:' A MOMENT OF LOVE MLP FAN ART CONTEST [OPEN] ;) Enjoy!

Time: Around 3 to 4 Hours

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