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Ponies can beat transformers any day.
no more arguements no more debates.
END OF STORY. MLP Kicks Transformers ass period!


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Background Pony #560A
My god… Screw Attack was right!

Bruh… They said a giant bird could kill Twilight

A giant bird is about as likely to kill Twilight as a boot is likely to kill Ben 10.
Screw Attack is rarely right
Background Pony #225C
Nah. Transformers and Ponies are equally good and powerful. End of story times infinity.
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Background Pony #C698
We really shouldn't compare their sizes based on comic cover.

Also according to some informations this one incarnation of Soundwave in "Bumblebee" movie is 18 feet tall.
Background Pony #ED7A
@northern haste

Especially variant covers. IDW used to make these covers for certain issues with stuff like Doctor Whooves on it and weeping angel ponies (even though nothing even remotely like that happened in the issue). They eventually lost the Doctor Who license though and stopped referencing Doctor Whooves.

I'm sure we will get a lot of interesting variant covers for this mini-series.
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Background Human
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

CHS, Class of 20XX
Is Shockwave a Decepticonlet, or is that a big damn Ponka? 'Cause we know how big Transformers are compared to humans. And we have a pretty good idea how big ponies are compared to humans. The scale feels off here.
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