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Strict Talent always has some useful advice or a helpful lecture to give. 9/10 times Rainbow is all ears in one of Strict's tangents but when she bumps into her in the street on a quest to get 'emergency supplies' it might not be the best time.
Poor Rainbow too polite to say she is in a hurry listens rather uncomfortably as she goes on and on.

Ms Talent is so oblivious to this to the point of adorabetes which makes her all the more endearing to all that are lucky enough to meet her.
safe1558904 artist:rainbowtashie478 ms. harshwhinny2199 trixie61380 oc596118 oc:rainbow tashie143 oc:strict talent16 earth pony191956 pony829807 unicorn259112 clothes402599 commissioner:bigonionbean1282 cutie mark39763 fusion4340 fusion:strict talent16 hat75294 nintendo 64204 simple background339151 transparent background176765 writer:bigonionbean1039


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