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safe1638905 artist:3d4d1061 adagio dazzle12403 flash sentry12352 fluttershy205604 ragamuffin (equestria girls)332 rarity175894 sandalwood1041 sour sweet3199 sunset shimmer60049 timber spruce1878 trenderhoof844 best trends forever389 dance magic1480 equestria girls191074 equestria girls (movie)6817 equestria girls series30960 forgotten friendship5099 friendship games12348 legend of everfree7774 rainbow rocks17873 so much more to me138 spring breakdown2510 the other side474 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)13061 spoiler:eqg specials5137 converse5374 female1304719 flashimmer1938 male351000 rarimuffin137 sandalshy133 shipping191517 shipping domino1032 shoes33540 sourhoof20 straight129931 timberdazzle85


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Background Pony #5B1A
6th Doctor and 13th Master and 14th Master Tremas the narcisist one rip Roger Delgado and Anthony Ainley
Background Pony #5D69
@Background Pony #38FF
You are only wishing for things that you cannot. The only terrible is you. They will never break because they love each other just because is your opinion and a demand what you hate it
Background Pony #5251
@Background Pony #0EE5
Even if they are couple I’m still hoping they break up cause let’s face it, timber and sci twi are a horrible couple and they need to break up because they don’t deserve each other
Background Pony #5D69
@Background Pony #38FF
Everything for you isn't better nor great. They got their relationship not yours. It is the reason that everything is becoming toxic because you want to have something you wan.