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The girls are able to defeat Microchips' haywire toaster robot. But soon after, two familiar shadows emerge. And Flash Sentry's car suddenly sped onto the soccer field. Who could they be?
safe1555054 artist:electrahybrida35 edit114533 edited screencap53942 screencap195150 applejack157207 brawly beats257 flash sentry11961 fluttershy195723 jvj-2460160 microchips1218 pinkie pie201336 rainbow dash217164 rarity167868 ringo280 sandalwood1004 sci-twi21695 sunset shimmer56618 twilight sparkle279732 oc593368 oc:flashbee1 cheer you on251 equestria girls177293 equestria girls series28003 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)11440 autobot146 bleachers180 blue sneakers24 bumblebee363 car5344 cheer you on: attack of the decepticons1 clash of hasbro's titans220 crossover56338 decepticon150 flash sentry's car40 humane five2679 humane seven2038 humane six2565 implied megatron1 implied sequel1 implied starscream1 megatron544 not bumblebee1 ponied up4673 sequel64 shading1367 shadow3488 starscream310 transformers3371


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I think you should've included Vinyl's car as a fellow autobot. Maybe She'll show up just in time to save Black Shield(That what I call Flash's car).