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Our Favorite Ponys carrying some food
and the far distance other Ponys watching from far away
safe1557677 artist:marianokun73 oc595416 oc:blackjack2319 oc:calamity662 oc:littlepip3746 oc:morning glory (project horizons)379 pegasus233239 pony828807 unicorn258640 fallout equestria15102 fallout equestria: project horizons2608 3d61187 assault rifle706 badlands49 battle saddle309 clothes402144 cowboy hat12782 dashite447 eyes closed78643 fallout3079 fanfic10156 fanfic art12858 female881863 flying33804 food59525 glowing horn16233 gun14414 handgun2350 happy27152 hat75226 hooves16185 horn40795 levitation10355 little macintosh525 lunch78 lunch box11 magic64688 male299671 mare405458 moon20740 night22256 optical sight944 pipbuck3220 piplamity74 revolver1479 rifle3343 source filmmaker36835 stallion90618 team fortress 25267 telekinesis24177 vault suit3165 weapon26794 wings72468


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Void Poner
Just a Stable dweller and her Dashite sweetheart coming home with food for the family, while the other Stable Dweller and Dashite are over there at the sideline being jealous.