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Sequel to >>2180109
safe1558176 artist:incendiaryboobs206 discord28455 fluttershy196013 gentle breeze283 posey shy998 draconequus8632 pegasus233406 pony829242 :o3396 blushing173116 cloud26689 female882284 floppy ears46035 flower21740 implied discoshy93 implied shipping4234 implied straight5099 lineart18783 looking up13808 male299801 mare405697 monochrome146537 neo noir2016 open mouth120775 partial color4635 red eyes4992 signature18336 sketch58115 smiling210981 stallion90670


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2 comments posted

Eris best pony
Fluttershy: Discord, when i will know your family?
Discord: Flashbacks of Princess Eris and their bad relationship Maybe…