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safe1558903 artist:theotherpony2 applejack157459 fluttershy196061 pinkie pie201668 rainbow dash217537 rarity168281 twilight sparkle280260 alicorn191737 earth pony191955 pegasus233639 unicorn259112 my little pony: pony life1391 animated91196 butt25240 candy5975 crying39715 drama3052 drama queen216 eating8536 error923 error message90 flutterbutt4115 food59586 ice cream4447 magic64753 mane six29085 pie2965 pony life drama89 popcorn1388 reaction553 relaxing1182 scared9145 sound6499 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113955 webm9744


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

God has Abandoned us.

Well back then, in the episode “Sonic Rainboom” Fluttershy appeared to be bursting out in excitement and cheering after Dash performed her Rainboom.

But you don’t want to complain about that?

Just because a person could be shy, that doesn’t mean they could sometimes be in a mood as the opposite from their personality.
Artist -

They look ok… but fou you guys need to get ready for the show when you start watching then you can judge but to be honest I don't think this is a “slice of life”
Background Pony #91BC
them taking fluttershy and having her do that was a brilliant move, look at all the waves it made.

two frames later she's back to her normal shy self, if you watch the animation. covering her mouth because she said 'hell'.
Background Pony #F7B8
I thought this drama is over…
Seriously. The same behaviour was with Equestria Girls. And now? You love it. Give Pony Life a chance,damnit
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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jeeze Twi, I know those designs are kinda shocking, but don't break your damn TV. That's a big waste of money and/or time because you have to get it repaired/replaced