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A wonderful piece depicting Neighberry working hard to usher in the spring.
safe1615014 artist:darrenfeline18 artist:sew_adorkable59 fluttershy202920 oc626700 oc:abyssal hart14 oc:akasa25 oc:faux feather1 oc:golden aegis21 oc:jetstream52 oc:nightmare dancer8 oc:serendypity27 oc:solex8 oc:tdmayo3 oc:vee ness41 alicorn205929 bat pony44939 changeling42946 dinosaur978 earth pony215710 pegasus257037 wolf1546 anthro240043 winter wrap up1014 anthro with ponies2427 fake cutie mark454 neighberry6 not rainbow dash263 shadowmare2 sunlight829 vicious sabretooth1


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