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Ponies and the Reading Rainbow theme song. Enough Said.
safe1574228 edit117482 edited screencap55982 screencap198995 fluttershy197642 pinkie pie203112 rainbow dash219229 spike74808 butterfly6282 a friend in deed680 mmmystery on the friendship express571 read it and weep602 season 1515 season 2298 season 42044 season 5588 tanks for the memories1361 the cutie mark chronicles860 bed36217 bedroom8355 book30622 bookshelf3066 cake8860 castle of the royal pony sisters681 cloud27098 comic book630 cute177110 daring do books36 dashabetes7953 diapinkes8640 female898185 filly59479 filly fluttershy546 food60724 glow3769 golden oaks library4486 happy27564 hat76530 i'll fly31 library2866 lyrics999 magnifying glass275 marzipan mascarpone meringue madness86 power ponies2583 reading5866 reading rainboom80 reading rainbow109 shyabetes11417 sky11790 so many wonders28 song873 song reference3079 spikabetes1817 sun5794 surprised8043 text51020 text box41 theme song320 train2210 tree27448 younger15675


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