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Adorkable Twilight & Friends – “The Payoff″
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considering she says she is doing diet AND exercise this could actually be impressive. From a weight perspective loss in fat can be masked by gains in muscle.
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twilight's right. 2 pounds isn't enough to say you lost weight. could just be a fluctuation.

what you should do is record your weight over 14 days, and do a best fit line. if that's a 4 pound difference, or even 2 pounds over 2 weeks, then you're doing great.

even then, best is to average the weight loss over a month or more, before you decide if you're losing weight or not.


p. sure lowering intake of salt doesn't contribute to weight loss. it might work if you had some sort of massive water retention issue. otherwise, you're totally right.
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^ OMG, it's OMQ!!
The proper way to lose weight highly depends on your body type and current weight. Sitting around won't matter if she plans to put herself near starvation (which is a really bad idea as it would cause her to eat a lot more than usual and possibly regain back her weight, if not more)

Here's a tip: Eat moderately (while lowering intake of sugar and salt) and don't over exert yourself with intense excercise and radical diets. Putting your body to the point of near-starvation would only cause your body to lower its metabolism and urge you into eating a lot more, making it much harder to lose weight.

I should know. Because the USA had done similar studies (known as the Minnestota Semi-Starvation Experiment) back in WW2 to test how they can re-feed starved victims in Europe after the end of the war.
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Straight up, the max weight loss for a week should be just 2 pounds, and even then it's more healthy to loose just 1 per week. 1/2 isn't optimal, but it's a good start.