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safe1554802 artist:olafski28 oc593202 oc only403955 oc:brimstone blitz26 oc:chainlink shackles17 oc:littlepip3737 oc:murky234 oc:protege37 oc:red eye137 oc:unity31 oc:wicked slit16 oc:xenith147 cyborg3007 earth pony190240 pegasus232207 pony826008 unicorn257097 zebra15419 fallout equestria15049 fallout equestria: murky number seven281 clothes400630 cover art1024 cutie mark39533 cyber eye27 eyes closed78335 fanfic10145 fanfic art12813 fanfic cover1147 female878865 fillydelphia124 floating3377 glowing horn16147 grin32166 gritted teeth10124 hooves16145 horn40385 knife4726 levitation10301 looking down6505 magic64465 male298879 mare403899 open mouth120256 pipbuck3214 raised hoof37862 ruins1053 scar10229 self-levitation532 shackles1541 smiling209676 smirk10635 stallion90277 standing9762 teeth7579 telekinesis24058 text49769 vault suit3161 wasteland1111


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