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Literally every lamia oc I've ever made, excluding ones that were designed by other people, categorized by type and laid out to scale to compare their sizes, builds, and lengths :D

From left to right, they are:

The venomous ones:

The constrictors:
Reada Bella (Kalianne's mother)
Cuppa Noodle
The shy overly effeminate boa

The mesmerizer:

The royals:
The Lamia Queen

The irregulars:
Chancellor Neighsay's sea snake wife

The 'technically not lamias but's:
Pepe Roni
The Snek Queen

The slimias:
Pinkie Pie's slimia friend arch-nemesis

The ones born from magic:
Mean Kalianne

The monsters:
Trixiechidna (Included because I wanted to show off how ginormous she is)
safe1552339 artist:badumsquish1895 derpibooru exclusive23743 trixie60959 oc592071 oc:adelie2 oc:cuppa noodle6 oc:husam2 oc:kalianne104 oc:kalianne's mother5 oc:karima2 oc:lailai2 oc:lygophobos2 oc:maredusa4 oc:mean kalianne2 oc:milky8 oc:ninia5 oc:pepe roni2 oc:reada bella5 oc:wiggle3 alicorn190409 bat pony42241 bug pony39 cobra117 food pony1147 goo1217 goo pony1741 gorgon102 hybrid14687 inkanyamba7 lamia1757 medusa98 monster pony3426 original species22670 pony824471 rattlesnake46 saddle arabian621 slimia20 snake2294 snake pony508 tatzelwurm2 series:equestria and the world12 the mean 61545 abomination612 antennae388 belly23667 braid4698 braided ponytail210 bug2 chart831 cheese680 chubby12448 clone2224 clothes399669 cobra hood13 ear fluff22425 female876867 femboy7710 food59173 freckles24692 garter snake3 goth1660 graying hair4 guide156 hat74441 heart42355 hood1122 interspecies offspring6172 jewel294 lamiafied238 lidded eyes24477 long mane2821 looking at you140073 magical lesbian spawn10265 male298281 mare403061 melting594 messy mane6816 milk snake13 minimalist1779 modern art1318 mottled coat54 neet69 nerd772 nope rope2 offspring33380 on back21959 parent:oc:kalianne2 parent:oc:tremble12 paws4215 pigtails3708 ponified37601 ponytail15159 pure unfiltered evil1588 quesadilla135 rattle157 red and black oc1434 red hair662 red mane387 shiny1975 size chart273 size comparison658 slime1766 snake hair3 snek105 species swap17895 stallion90085 stripes940 tail fluff101 text49636 they're just so cheesy175 trap4187 trixie lulamia29 trixiechidna10 turban141 twilight's worst nightmare2 twintails1340 two-tone coat34 unknown species69 white hair318 wings71485 yellow-bellied sea snake2


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