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Welcome to another round of My Little Pony Bingo. This time, we focus on unicorns.

There's only one rule: Select one unicorn

These are the ponies by each row.
Row 1:
Jack Pot, Trixie, Clear Sky, Lemon Hearts, Royal Ribbon
Row 2:
Saffron Masala, Night Light, Amethyst Star, Twinkleshine, Rarity
Row 3:
Lyra Heartstrings, Minuette, Raspberry Latte, Stellar Flare
Row 4:
Rainbow Stars, Starlight Glimmer, Medallion Gold, Firelight
Row 5:
Citrus Blush, Lily Lace, Jet Set, Moonlight Raven, Pretzel Twist

Choose wisely, and be sure to leave a comment below in the comment sections. Good luck! Join us next time when we do a bingo about Favorite Friendship University student.
safe1556322 artist:jaredking20356 edit114706 edited screencap54041 screencap195312 amethyst star2249 citrus blush135 clear sky364 firelight337 jack pot259 jet set425 lemon hearts1877 lily lace180 lyra heartstrings27500 medallion gold11 minuette5316 moonlight raven404 night light1948 pretzel twist53 rainbow stars193 rarity168021 raspberry latte35 royal ribbon224 saffron masala1561 sparkler2099 starlight glimmer43028 stellar flare965 sweet biscuit354 trixie61197 twinkleshine1938 pony827475 unicorn257976 background pony8922 bingo196 female880577 male299340 mare404699 stallion90460


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