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A redraw of a piece from 2017 https://derpibooru.org/images/1507543
suggestive145472 artist:captainpudgemuffin668 applejack171511 earth pony256623 anthro264616 alternate hairstyle28605 applebutt4447 armpits43186 ass49969 boob freckles1102 both cutie marks10570 breasts283416 busty applejack10655 butt62193 chest freckles926 choker12454 clothes467183 corset4378 crossed legs3273 dock50871 female1381364 freckles29488 looking at you172110 looking back58676 looking back at you15335 looking over shoulder3850 mare490968 pixie cut57 rear view12423 redraw1920 short hair1991 short tail927 shoulder freckles1067 sideboob10612 sitting64398 solo1078108 solo female181480 underbust corset10


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The shrot mane and tail look good on her. Combined with the corset it makes her look incredible sexy.

But man, I so miss Captainpudgemuffin's art =(
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