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safe1724749 artist:velveagicsentryyt450 princess celestia95733 oc696092 oc:cosmos18 oc:galaxia21 oc:king cosmos35 oc:queen galaxia334 alicorn228024 pony984978 's parents28 base used20357 bipedal35247 celestia and luna's father31 celestia and luna's mother37 cewestia1800 chestplate159 colored hooves6122 colored wings6298 crown17439 deviantart watermark3359 ethereal mane8221 ethereal tail425 father and child959 father and daughter2643 female1379270 filly68009 filly celestia352 flowing mane1717 flowing tail775 foal15531 glowing horn19996 husband and wife1579 jewelry65476 lidded eyes31198 like father like daughter90 like mother like daughter396 like parent like child507 magic74174 male379220 mare489811 mother and child2489 mother and daughter6001 mother and father63 multicolored tail1220 multicolored wings2837 obtrusive watermark4727 parent and child49 pillow18197 pink-mane celestia2597 previous generation81 regalia20520 stallion111623 standing on one leg637 starry mane4384 starry tail79 sun6784 wall of tags3380 watermark16506 wings110885 young1620 younger17563


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