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Some ponies will get some bucking from royal guards in 5… 4…
safe1555638 artist:forgalorga292 alula535 orion224 piña colada363 pluto291 ponet339 princess erroria264 shooting star (character)224 tornado bolt340 twilight sparkle279838 alicorn191002 earth pony190501 pegasus232443 pony826715 unicorn257624 4chan6125 angry23473 angry bolt1 angry colada4 angry erroria3 background pony8899 background pony audience333 background pony strikes again1219 bad time21 bow23599 boycott6 bring back celestia and luna1 bucket2034 civil disobedience1 clothes401073 conspiracy182 cutie mark39561 demo39 demonstration17 dexterous hooves558 dirty protest1 everypony358 everypony hates it1 everypony hates the alicorn twilight sparkle1 evil2530 female879891 filly58444 foal14649 food59360 freedom73 freedom fighters5 frown21352 gherao1 go away5 hair bow12910 hartal1 hate289 haters gonna hate214 heart42458 hoof hold7156 human chain1 implied abuse97 implied princess celestia574 implied princess luna387 implied twilight sparkle1610 implied twilybuse1 industrial action1 madness68 male299133 march14 mare404308 meme77921 morcha1 mutiny3 noncooperation1 occupation1 on strike1 peace camp1 picket1 picket sign12 pigtails3777 pony chain4 protest122 protest march1 rally5 rebel68 rebellion65 rebels3 revolt7 revolution66 shirt20597 sign3601 sit-in1 sleep-in1 stallion90371 stoppage1 t-shirt3455 this is madness1 this will end in a bad time13 this will end in revolution6 this will end in war29 tomato284 tomatoes18 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113760 unamused13362 unhappy286 unnamed pony1628 walkout1 wall of tags2242 we don't need the new ruler4 work-to-rule1 write-in1


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Marv West
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Luna.Twilight affection
So why don’t you ponies show any respect to Celestia and Luna’s decision? They’ve worked for centuries and deserves a good rest, so I think it’s their right to retire and enjoy their own life, just like the Washington .