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safe1555630 artist:forgalorga292 piña colada363 ponet339 twilight sparkle279838 alicorn191002 earth pony190498 pegasus232441 pony826712 unicorn257621 angry23471 angry colada4 animated91017 background pony audience333 background pony strikes again1219 drool22104 female879883 filly58443 foal14649 frown21352 hate289 haters gonna hate214 hoof hold7156 implied twilight sparkle1610 male299131 mare404307 meme77921 picket sign12 protest122 sign3601 spitting195 stallion90371 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113760 unamused13362 unhappy286 unnamed pony1628 we don't need the new ruler4


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Honestly Discord's plan made things worse for me.
With it felt like things ended on a bad note for Luna's rule(and Celestia's)
And Luna's track record looks worse compared to Celestia's due to missing a 1000 years.

And if Luna wanted to retire to be with Celestia, then I feel like the writers did not convey that good enough.
Should have been a conflict of Luna torn between ruling more to make up for the 1000 years she lost or give that up for Celestia. Or have a compromise where she can be with Celestia but still be able to rule and make up for the 1000 lost years.

Really, I feel like Luna's still in Celestia's shadow. Theres this huge imbalance due to the 1000 years gap.
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yep, that's true
If anypony deserves to retire, then it's Celestia but Luna made one bad decision and was sealed away for 1000 years and then ruled like 8 years (I doubt she went back to ruling right after she was freed. She needed to learn about all the changes)

lol, funny how people, who don't like Twilight becoming the sole ruler, now are called haters. Whoever added the "haters gonna hate" tag might either don't know what a hater is or is a troll. A discussion is not hating

Not really fond of Luna retiring due to she just got back from the moon to rule since a few years at most(or 9 years maybe). She ruled nowhere near as long as Celestia did, I just feel like theres a huge imbalance.
Like she's still in Celestia's shadow.

With how things went for Luna in the finale made it worse honestly.
Magical Inkwell - Wrote MLP fanfiction consisting of at least around 1.5k words, and has a verified link to the platform of their choice

I think the main comic series isn't canon because of the whole Sombra and Umbra thing (I stopped reading them before the deer arc) and I think someone from the show said it's a parallel universe.

Well, let's think about it like this:

1 season = 1 year
With at least 14 villain problems we have 1,5 villain each year for 9 years. Do you really think that all the villains of the world are making holidays for 1000 years?
So with the season 9 logic, we had more than 1,5 villains for 1000 years, so over 1500 villains or big problems for Equestria.

To be honest, I think the writers wanted to turn Twilight into the sole ruler for the typical "main character rules them all" cliche
FiM started as a more or less unique concept but then turned into a Disney cliche: villains are always evil and can't be reformed, the main character/princess becomes the new ruler, children are stupid (CMC episode, where they forgot all the stuff they already did in earlier seasons), tomboy characters = lesbians (despite Lauren Faust wanted to fight that stereotype)

But let's not start drama because of one season Some like it, some hate it. That's how life works

Makes me wonder just how long since it has been since the season 8 finale that made Celestia think that.
Even if the comics are fully canon, whatever happens after the season 8 finale still shows theres a lot of shit going on after that iirc.

If there was no threats during Luna being stuck on the moon for a 1000 years(if Chrysalis's friendship issue is canon, what would have happened after her attack?), I wonder if Luna begins to feel paranoid that her return heralded all of Equestria's troubles to return too.
Aside from Chrysalis's attack from long ago(if the comic issue is canon), did any other threats happened to Equestria while Luna was away?
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The biggest joke is that they left because "Equestria never had been that peacefully" (Celestia said something like this in ep1 of s9)
Guess Nightmare Moon, Queen Chrysalis (3 times), Discord, Starlight (twice), Trixie (with the alicorn amulet), Sombra (twice), the pony of shadows, Cozy, Tirek (twice or three times, if you count Cozy) the Storm King + Tempest and everyone I forgot doesn't count.

I think there had been way more problems since Twilight revived the Elements than before. Otherwise the royal guards wouldn't have been that easily been defeated every time
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A waste of biomatter
I bet that filly's mother is responsible.
" But mom I want to go to my friends house"
"No,that new princess is literally sombre reincarnated and an implanted agent of the Griffons! The newspapers told me so! So you need to hold this sign I made and look mad,like spit on the ground when you see her. Make sure the journalist take a picture of you doing it. This will show that purple tyrant."

" But Mom-"

Kind of a wasted potential in the story with what if some ponies did not like the fact the royal sisters were retiring.
Especially with Luna retiring since she was only back on the throne for a few years at best.

In fact I bet after Discord's iffy plan, it caused issues due to how things went badly for the royal sisters' last day on the job(to me, it felt like a bad sendoff for them in a way). It felt like the sisters ended their rules on a pretty bad note due to getting captured(AGAIN) and all they could do is just distract the trio(and could only deal with them AFTER the trio is powerless).