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While many know mostly of King Speedy Hooves, Queen Galaxia, their son, and their lives as the main rulers of the Equestrian Empire (consisting of the mainland Equestria, The Crystal Empire, along with other Equine related territories. Many do not know what the lives of our other alicorn fusions. For example, the current King and Queen of the Crystal district of the Equestrian Empire, Calm Merriment and his wife Motherly Morning. Here we get a glimpse at what rule of these two is like in a completely different part of Equestria in this new world and order.

Illustrated beautifully and produced by :iconkozachokzrotom:

safe1559547 artist:kozachokzrotom59 applejack157503 braeburn6085 carrot top5123 cheese sandwich3585 derpy hooves47998 ditzy doo412 doctor whooves10030 donut joe748 fancypants1753 golden harvest5123 mayor mare3034 minuette5327 pinkie pie201709 prince blueblood3800 rainbow dash217595 soarin'13268 sunset shimmer56854 time turner10015 wind waker (character)52 oc596429 oc:king calm merriment81 oc:king righteous authority35 oc:queen fresh care36 oc:queen motherly morning51 alicorn191848 crystal pony4166 pony830473 comic:couple of the crystal empire15 alicorn oc21600 alicorn princess220 armor21379 clothes402853 comic100353 commissioner:bigonionbean1285 crystal2316 crystal empire1998 cutie mark39781 doors121 fusion4343 fusion:king calm merriment81 fusion:king righteous authority35 fusion:queen fresh care36 fusion:queen motherly morning51 palace107 random pony389 royal guard6995 royal guard armor662 royalty975 stained glass window52 writer:bigonionbean1042


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