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safe1613456 artist:airiniblock530 cozy glow6699 grogar1314 lord tirek5131 queen chrysalis33345 centaur3045 changeling42853 changeling queen13803 pegasus256521 pony881136 frenemies (episode)1508 banner1883 better way to be bad128 bow25746 bracer422 cheek fluff4763 crown15107 cupcake5109 curly mane338 dessert383 evil grin4092 female1283969 filly61463 flower23401 flower in mouth615 foal15088 food64122 grin34532 hair bow14124 hand on hip5137 high res23283 hoof on chest556 jewelry55092 legion of doom282 looking at you152137 male343012 mare438624 mouth hold15962 nose piercing2504 nose ring2020 open mouth129511 piercing36860 plate1570 regalia17647 rose3588 scene interpretation8095 smiling224049 smiling at you2173 spotlight1248 standing10889 tail bow4995 trio7695


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Background Pony #7399
Man, I had so much hope for these three in this episode. Still in my top 10. Beautiful work! Cozy looks delightfully devious.