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mini story e_e
The principal Celestia and the vice-principal Luna have organized a study trip, and one of their stops, was that flower field that you already saw in other pic e_e).  
On that trip you visited many places, and for sure you took many notes, right? - Anyway, the night is approaching. So they decide to stop and go to the corresponding assigned cabins.  
However, on the way to the boys cabins, you hear a whisper. It’s like someone is calling you :O ..
You: huh? Who’s there..
Pinkie Pie: Hi dummy! :D
You: Oh… bye _.  
No today Pinkie, no today.
Pinkie Pie: rude! Are you going to sleep so early? It’s like Juniper said: BOOOOORING.
You: what the… How do you know that!
Pinkie Pie: It doesn’t matter. Hey, let’s play UNO with the girls, come with us.
You: Nope.
Pinkie Pie: oh? Why not! D:
You: you know that! Every time you are there, I end up embarrassed or doing ridiculous. Ask AJ, or Sunset!!
Rainbow Dash: Guys shhh!!.. the game will start soon. Come in, quickly!
In our discussion with Pinkie, we heard Rainbow Dash. Hmm, probably for the first time, Pinkie is telling the truth.  
In the end, we accept the match… an UNO game, it won’t be bad at all. In any case, we have to be careful, if Miss Celestia or Miss Luna sees us in a girls’ cabin ….. game over (for us.)  
The cabins are assigned for the students. This one, for example, would be the cabin of Sunset, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy.
Pinkie Pie: Guys, a simply game is boring. Why don’t we do something more interesting? _
Fluttershy: wh-what do you mean.. :O
Pinkie Pie: The loser does what the winner wants :D
Sunset, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Flutterhsy: stare you
Analyzing the situation, we feel some weird … what the heck…. Sunset, Pinkie, Fshy and RD look at us?!
Sunset: Ugh, sure he will make us do something pervert…
You: Excuse me?! What is that supposed to mean?!  
Whatever… nothing ventured, nothing gained. Very well, we all accept. This will be a legendary duel like Yu-gi-oh, but with UNO game. And we have to win! It’s time to d-d-d-d-duel!!
10 minutes later…  
We lost.
Pinkie Pie: yay! hahah I won!
Fluttershy: aww, congrats Pinkie _.
You: Ok, you won. What do you want me to do.  
We say this with a trembling voice, it’s obvious. Pinkie will ask us to do something stupid or to make us feel embarrassed!
Pinkie Pie: just drink this juice, and play with us another UNO game :)
You: O_o ???  
Wow, that wasn’t so bad. We drink the juice and continue with the game. Heh, Pinkie Pie didn’t turn out to be so bad after all.
You: … h-huh..?  
Weird, the world starts to spin around us… we can’t stay on our feet, and more than that… we’re starting to feel lightheaded..
You: … you… you put something in here… and you used too much…!!
Pinkie Pie: im seriously doing a good deed, but not for you ^^, and dont worry, i dont think there are any side effects xD
We want to hit back with something, but our eyelids are so heavy…
You: … you… will pay… for… this!… … … zzz …
Sunset: Pinkie, what did you put in his juice?
Pinkie Pie: I put some sleeping medicine hehe.
Sunset: but why?! Ahg, forget it. What should we do? If we try to carry him back to his cabin, Miss Celestia could sees us with him, she will know that he was here and we will get into trouble.
Pinkie Pie: He can sleep with us tonight .. right Fluttershy? :)
Fluttershy: huh?! … o///o
Pinkie Pie: dont worry, he’ll be sleeping soundly until morning hehe xD
… … .. … … … … … … … .. … … … … … … … .. … … … … …
You: Ughh…  
When we wake up, the sunlight is pouring into the room… What the heck happened to us. That’s it. Pinkie!! Dammit, we should have seen it coming. With fury in our eyes, we roll over.
Fluttershy: … zzz…
You: …?!  
For some reason, Fluttershy is next to us!
Fluttershy: ..Mnmmm… mmmmm… hehehe
She’s just talking in her sleep.. geez… what we gonna do! If i can just leave her cabin without making a sound… but just then, she opens her eyes …
Fluttershy: … hehe giggles .. Hi _..
She is still half asleep.. oh god, why we accepted that UNO match! Dx ..
You: I’m so sorry Fshy! … it’s not what it seems, it’s all a misunderstanding!
Fluttershy: …It’s okay, don’t worry :)
We have to leave immediately … this is already going too far, if Miss Celestia, Miss Luna or the boys see us here … the next pic will be our funeral!
Fluttershy: mmm? .. where are you going?
You: I don’t know how I ended up here in the first place.. so i-im sorry Fshy. It’s still early, I can go to my cabin and…  
In the middle of my sentence, Fshy takes us by the arm … preventing us from leaving.
You: …?!
Fluttershy: … Mnmmm… mmmmmm.. only 5 more minutes… zzz…
And well, you can’t fight with her cuteness. Even so, we prefer to keep distance … although we don’t know if it works, this will lend itself to a BIG misunderstanding in one way or another Dx-
suggestive164889 artist:charliexe416 fluttershy231278 equestria girls225915 adorasexy11012 beautisexy1158 bed47542 bedroom12718 bedroom eyes68734 belly button91058 blushing227206 bra18302 breasts323455 clothes532498 cute225263 description is relevant960 female1534576 green underwear1099 lidded eyes36272 looking at you203111 panties55446 sexy35353 shyabetes16186 story included10672 stupid sexy fluttershy1329 underwear67894


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