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safe1553568 screencap195061 auburn vision207 berry blend361 berry bliss361 buddy61 cheerilee9276 citrine spark315 dark moon184 fancypants1760 fire quacker315 fleur-de-lis3315 florina tart174 golden crust126 graphite183 junebug331 linky1312 millie133 neon lights776 november rain494 peppermint goldylinks359 ponet339 rainbow dash217035 rising star776 roseluck4615 sassaflash803 shoeshine1430 star bright149 twilight sparkle279144 twinkleshine1933 written script261 alicorn190672 earth pony190095 pegasus232064 pony825319 unicorn256672 the summer sun setback1012 apple family member2489 audience367 aura735 background pony8877 background pony audience333 canterlot4838 castle1626 cloud26583 female877976 flying33696 folded wings4356 friendship student1345 glowing horn16123 horn40338 magic64412 male298680 microphone4405 microphone stand85 night22174 open mouth120157 raised hoof37825 smiling209382 speakers634 stage2638 talking4110 telekinesis24031 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113624 underhoof45932 wings71746


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